February 28th – March 6th: We spent this time eating – from street food to a 5-star hotel buffet, we ate it all….

Pi’s lounge access got us into the lounge in Bali – this meant a free glass of wine at 6am while waiting for our flight to Bangkok.
Taking a canal boat.



Papaya salad, chicken, and sticky rice. We got up to a 3 pepper spicy level.
We went to the J.W. Marriott for an all-you-can-eat buffet. Les ate ALL that he could eat. It was next level decadence and oh-so delicious! 
Iced milk tea in a bag.


March 7th – March 17th: We visited Siem Reap and Phnom Penh in Cambodia.

March 18th – April 2nd: We came back to Bangkok and continued where we left off with more eating. I think we were tired from lots of traveling and really enjoyed the slow time where we made a routine of sorts. It consisted of going to the gym in the morning, eating street food, exploring malls in the heat of the afternoon, and eating once more before heading back to our Air BnB. It was very relaxing.

We passed by this cat a couple times – just so stretched out and relaxed.
Huge (1 meter) Monitor lizard in Lumpini Park in the middle of the city. This was as close as I was willing to get.
My favourite street food treat: a crunchy rim with a soft middle, lightly sweet. I think it’s main ingredients are tapioca and pandang, fried to perfection.
Asiatique is a night market on the river.
Sunset from Asiatique.
More favourites: pad grapow (fried basil and pork) and pad see ewe moo (fried rice noodles with greens and pork).
The tasty food street near our Air BnB.
Egg roti being made fresh.

Bangkok was a great opportunity for us to relax, eat, apply for jobs, eat, plan the future, eat some more, and hang out in AC’d malls.

Next, we are off to Japan for a whirl-wind two week trip!

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