Turkey (Part 3): Antalya, Kaş, Fethiye

November 23rd: We got up before breakfast to go check on the kittens in the cat park and to feed the tiny ones some wet food we bought for them.

My favorite little guy is front and centre in that basket of kittens.
This was Les’s favorite kitten. He was so frisky!

We hopped on a bus and headed to Antalya, the 16th busiest city in the world for tourist arrivals in 2017. We checked into a pension in the old city and went for a walk. It was beautiful. Antalya has beautiful turquoise waters, waterfront cliffs, and mountains across the bay. Atatürk is quoted as saying, “No doubt Antalya is the most beautiful place in the world.”



November 24th and 25th: We spent our days walking around Antalya and treated ourselves to a gingerbread latte from Starbucks! First coffee in months!

I noticed a similarity between a picture of Les and the loading screen for the game Pokemon Go, a game he plays.


There were cat houses all over.
Fruit was everywhere!




November 26th: We bused to the seaside town of Kaş.

Leaving Antalya’s old city through Hadrian’s Gate (built for the Roman emperor’s visit in 130 AD.)

We stayed in an Air BnB, our own apartment with kitchen, couches and 3 balconies. It was perfect. The weather was taking a bit of a turn; storm clouds were rolling in and the rain was starting up. We were grateful to have our own space inside. We were also grateful for the künefe break mid-day 🙂

November 27th and 28th: We walked around Kaş when the rain let up. Just a 5 minute walk from our apartment, was the reconstructed Hellenistic theatre that could seat around 4000 people. We walked along the waterfront and saw all the restaurants and shops that were closed up for the winter season.



Cat apartment!

We found a cat apartment along the path! Upon returning there the following day, we met a man who said he was responsible for getting the city to put the cat house in. He said he feeds the cats there and wanted a donation from us. When we declined, he yelled at us to keep going. I stopped to feed a treat to a cat further down the path and he yelled at us again, “MOVE! GO!” I normally bark back at rudeness like this but, being aware that I’m a foreigner, responded with, “It was NOT nice to meet you!” Sick burn.

We walked up to some rock tombs cut into the steep cliffs above the town.


We bought a cheap bottle of red wine. Cheap doesn’t have to mean bad, but it did in this case. We mixed it with Coke! Then it just tasted like flat coke.
This pooch was sleeping like this in the middle of the square, with her paw in her mouth.

November 29th and 30th: We bused to the yacht-popular town of Fethiye.

We saw a turtle on our walk to our hotel!

It rained pretty heavily the first day but cleared by the next day. We explored Fethiye by walking around and had the best Adana kebab yet (at Paşa Kepab).


We walked out to a viewpoint on the adjacent peninsula.


We went up to the rock tombs and fortress.


View from the fortress ruins.
Les found another tortoise! This one was by the fortress.

Boat tours are popular in Fethiye, but not in November/December. We found one boat that would go out for £130. In high season it’s closer to £8. So we stayed on land. We will have to come back to this area in the summer/fall!

Our next stop is the hot springs in Pamukkale!

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