Kelowna and Vancouver

August 16th to September 8th: We spent this time between Kelowna and Vancouver, getting things ready for the next part of our trip – to change gears from truck living to backpack living.

We hung out with family in Kelowna and got to be a part of Simon’s 4th birthday party. Did you know that a four year old can have 36 friends? What a popular dude!

Still so smoky!!


SS Sicamous in Pentiction
So…I meant to just trim up Les’s hair after he got it cut. BUT, I forgot which tool I had in my hand….it didn’t have a guard. I went after his alfalfa with full confidence. We are working on rebuilding trust.

Simon’s birthday was Lego themed! We made marshmallow Lego heads, a Lego cake, and rice krispie Lego pieces. We used Chanel as inspiration for one of the Lego heads.

20180824_093641  IMG_20180827_084008577




In Vancouver, we got to attend Kristy Hislop’s wedding. It was beautiful and super fun! We got to get fancy!


They had a photo booth

While we were in Vancouver, we got to cat-sit for our friend Sarah! She has two large cats (not fat, just big) that are total characters. I didn’t sleep much because of their quirks, but they are too cute to dislike.

Archie and Josie
A plus side to not sleeping? Beautiful sunrises!

Peter and Karen had us over for dinner. It was delicious!!!

Mongolian rack of lamb!

One last chore before flying to Europe: put our vehicles in storage. It was stressful but nothing went wrong and Claire and Ab were super helpful in making it happen!


With everything in storage in Kelowna, our bags packed, and hardly any trip planning done, we headed to London!

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