South Rockies and East Kootenays

August 10th: We checked out the Frank Slide Interpretive Centre in Blairmore. I read about it in school so it was neat to see in person.

Over 82 million tonnes of rock slid down in less than 100 seconds!

Then we drove up to Elkford and spent the night in the municipal campground.

Les found rugose corals in the Elk River!
I guess that’s an alright hand.

August 11th: We went on a free tour of the Greenhills Coal Mine. With all the smoke in the air, it looked pretty apocalyptic.

Lookout at the mine
We stopped in Sparwood to see the Terex 33-19 “Titan”. Only one was ever produced and it was the largest, highest capacity haul truck in the world for 25 years (until 1998.)
We stopped in Fernie at the Brickhouse for some delicious nachos. Pesto and chorizo πŸ™‚

From Fernie, we really weren’t sure where to head. There was smoke all over the province and we were a little disheartened. We decided to check out a rec site on Lake Koocanusa, about an hour drive away.

It was 39 degrees when we arrived but the lake was the perfect temperature. We inflated our floaties and got right in πŸ™‚

Our neighbour in the next campsite turned out to be pretty rad. Ron was traveling with all his toys (trailer, truck, motorcycle, bike, quad, more?) and his super cute puppy named Rolo.

It was beautiful!

August 12th: Ron made us breakfast! So nice! The temperature dropped and the wind picked up but it was still a beautiful day. We read, fished, napped, and snacked all day. After our dinner, we went over to Ron’s and played Settlers of Catan. It was a great day πŸ™‚

Our morning view
8 month old Rolo
Don’t worry, no fish were harmed


The hardest part of floatie ownership: deflation

August 13th:Β We shared breakfast with Ron – we made the pancakes and he fried the sausages. Great camping teamwork πŸ™‚

We drove in to Cranbrook, stocked up on food, and headed to Moyie Lake Provincial Park. My friend Morgan (from Golden) was in the area and came to camp with us for the night! We floated on the lake for a bit and then were joined by another couple friends, Jason and Nathan. We BBQ’d and played a card game til bed time.

August 14th: We went with Jason and Morgan to Kimberley and did the Underground Mining Railway. Our tour guide was super knowledgeable and entertaining and the rocks were neat.





We spent the rest of the day bumming around Kimberley. Jason took us up the ski hill where we looked at more rocks. Morgan and I pet every dog we could (there were many). Then we went for dinner with a friend of Morgan’s.

August 15th: Because of the poor air quality and poor visibility, we decided to head to Kelowna and somewhat end our BC adventure. We stopped at Christina Lake for a dip on the way.


So that’s kinda it for now….



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