Alberta (lite)

August 7th: We headed to Jasper National Park with the hopes of camping at the Columbia Icefields Campground.

It was so smoky.

As we headed south of Jasper towards our campsite, we were stopped by a head-on collision and cars on fire. We were 30 seconds behind the accident and watched as people with first-aid training helped those in need. The road wouldn’t be open until 7am the following morning so we headed back to Jasper to camp in the overflow campground.

I’m smiling but we were still sad and rattled by what we’d seen.

August 8th: We decided to change our plans, due to the poor air quality and visibility, and head towards Spruce View, AB to see cousin Scott. We got up early to drive the Columbia Fields Parkway and stopped in at Athabasca Falls. There were 12 tour buses parked when we arrived – not a good sign.


We got out of there swiftly.

Athabasca Glacier

We arrived safely at Scott’s place in the mid afternoon. Scott gave us a tour of his place and showed us some of the training exercises he has set up for horses – super cool! He also took us out for nachos and pizza. What a guy 🙂

Les with Belle and Scott
Tony supervised our fire

August 9th: Scott got us on Chip! Horses kind of unnerve me and put me on edge (they can sense feelings??) but Chip was so calm and so nice.




Awwwwww 🙂

We left early afternoon and headed to High River to stop in for a visit with my Aunt Gail and Uncle Murray. The last time we could remember seeing each other was at Grandma’s funeral when I was 10? I’m hoping it hasn’t been that long. It was so nice to see them again.


We drove south along “Highway” 40 until we found a place to camp for the night (for free!)

We played cribbage


Next we headed to the East Kootenays!

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