Mackenzie and Wells

August 1st: We drove to Mackenzie to visit Rita!

August 2nd: She had to work during the day so we wandered around Mackenzie and visited the WORLD’S LARGEST TREE CRUSHER!


“Neat”  -Les

We met Rita after work and stuck our toes in Morfee Lake while she dove right in. We forgot to take any pictures.

August 3rd: Rita’s roommate’s cat woke us up by walking on the roof of our truck and meowing. Too cute.


Later that morning, we packed up and headed to Wells.

August 4th – 6th: I got to catch up with most of the people I worked with at BGM and Les got to finally meet them! We ate delicious food and I got to see a bunch of fun live music. Very few photos were taken, but fun was had despite the lack of proof.

Rita came to ArtsWells too!


Our next plan was to hike in the Rockies but forest fires and smoke changed all that.

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