July 25th: We spent the night at the Super 8 in Quesnel to catch up with internet things and to have a shower. Free breakfast!

July 26th: We drove to Smithers and arrived at dusk at the Riverside Municipal Campground.

July 27th: We walked a majority of the Perimeter Trail around Smithers. On the way, we saw a couple moving a couch into the High School and stopped to help out. They were very friendly and chatted with us about how much they enjoy living in Smithers. They even gave us a loaf of bread from the local baker to say thanks for helping them! We took our loaf of bread out for some beer from Smithers Brewing Company. This is my new favorite brewery – they had a selection of three different lagers on tap! And only one super hoppy brew! Everything we tried was delicious.


After our day of walking around and getting sore spots from flip flops, we checked out some free music at the outdoor stage on main street. It was really pleasant 🙂


July 28th: We went for a hike up to Crater Lake and then continued up past the lake to Hudson Bay Mountain. There was lots of walking on rocks so picking hiking shoes over hiking boots was a poor choice but nary an ankle was twisted that day!

Leaving the trees and heading to the lake.
Crater Lake from above.
Almost at the top.


At the top looking at Kathlyn Glacier.



We dunked in the lake on our way back down. IT WAS SO REFRESHING!

When we arrived back at the campsite, Bill and Susan were all set up and BBQ’d burgers! What a great day 🙂

July 29th: We had an amazing day with Bill and Susan, exploring Smithers and seeing the sights. We checked out Twin Falls, Driftwood Canyon, and soaked in the Bulkley River.

Twin Falls
Gotta get that view!




July 30th: Another hike? Okay! We hiked to the Silver King Basin and the Hyland Pass Trail in Babine Provincial Park. There is so much beauty in that park! We absolutely loved it.

Proof that wasps help with pollination. They aren’t just distributors of pain.



Mining carts and tracks from the old mine!





I love the colours in this picture.

July 31st: We had a relaxing day that started out with breakfast over the campfire – thanks Bill!


We walked around Smithers and talked to people about what they think of living here. Everyone brightened up when they start talking about how much they love Smithers! The day ended with an amazing sunset. The clouds opposite the sunset were moving shades of pink and orange, and it coloured the whole beach. It was so beautiful!


Smithers was a blast. It was fun to share it with Bill and Susan!

Next, we are off to Mackenzie and Wells!

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