To Bella Coola and back (Hwy 20)

July 22nd: From Whistler, we headed north and found a beautiful rec site just north of Clinton. We thought Beaverdam Lake (the rec site) was perfect – right on the lake with no one around.


At first, we thought the bugs weren’t terrible. Annoying but not unbearable. We were so wrong. After the sun went down and we crawled happily into our bed in the back, we learned that there are lots of mosquito access points in the back of the truck. It was a non-stop bug slaughter. We tried in vain to fall asleep.  At 11:30pm we decided to book it into town and get a motel room. Yup. We ran (drove) away from our problems and had a great night’s sleep at the Round Up Motel. (There was one mosquito in the motel room).

July 23rd: We stopped in at Chasm Provincial Park. It’s a neato gorge created from melting glacial waters that eroded the lava plateau over 10 million years. It looks like a treed version of the coulees in Washington.


We headed west from Williams Lake along Highway 20 and pulled off at the Tatlayoko Lake Rec Site. We had the place to ourselves!



We were a little worried about the bugs even though Les stuffed every possible mosquito access point with paper towels, so we set up a tent just in case. It was fine though. Les did a great job 🙂

July 24th: We packed up and drove into Bella Coola via the “Freedom Road”. It’s a portion of the highway that the government deemed too dangerous to build. Locals in the 1950s got together and built a windy, steep, gravel road. They did it in two groups, one started from Bella Coola, the other from Anahim Lake, and they met somewhere in the middle. They were tenacious!

Part of the Freedom Road.
Unbelievable colours in Bella Coola.

We spent a bit of time down by the beach, looking up at mountains and out at seals. When we got back to our truck, we discovered a flat tire! Yay!

I call this picture “Teamwork”

We were helped out by a couple from Williams Lake. They took us and our tire into town to get our tire patched (which took some bribing because the garage had just closed) and then back to our truck. They were amazing.

Relaxing back at our campsite in Tweedsmuir Park.

Next up is Smithers!


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