Nakusp to Kaslo

We hit the road again! Huzzah! Our first stop was Wilson Creek just north of New Denver. It was raining but we thought, ‘It’s only 2.4km round trip, how wet could we get?’ Thoroughly soaked apparently. Like rain rolling down into our socks soaked.

Road cut on the way to the trail head. Totally worth the drive – so many folds!!
Wilson Creek Falls: 207 feet high
Les is so helpful

It was a fun hike though! The waterfall was beautiful. You don’t need sunshine to appreciate how powerful that water is.

Our next stop was the ghost town of Sandon. What a great place! When we first arrived, we tried to drive up to the old lookout on Idaho Peak. It’s 12km up a steep FSR. Around the 6km marker, our truck overheated so we parked and hung out for half an hour. We continued up the road in this fashion, going about a kilometer between cool downs. Unfortunately, the road was blocked by a fallen tree just past the 10km mark. Foiled!


Not a bad place to cool down 🙂

We met a really nice woman on our way down who taught us a little about vehicles. With complete confidence, she dumped in 3L of water into our coolant….reservoir? I’m still learning. She followed us down the hill in case we had more issues. So nice!

Then we got to check out the Sandon museum and all the old buildings.

It was a simpler time.

It turns out 13 trolley buses from Vancouver in the 40s are being stored in Sandon.



Broadway to Alma!!


We continued on to Kaslo. Highway 31A is a beautiful and windy road with some really interested road cuts – more folds!!



We arrived in rainy Kaslo around 6pm, totally exhausted, still damp from the waterfall hike, and a little crushed about not making it up to Idaho Peak. We stayed at the historic Kaslo Hotel and treated ourselves to dinner at the pub followed by a soak in the hot tub.



All in all, it was a good day 🙂


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