We left Kelowna the morning of Saturday, June 16th, 2018 and headed to Nakusp. On the way we stopped near Coldwater to hike Rim Rocks Trail – an easy 6.3km hike to huge volcanic spires 50 or 60 feet tall! The mosquitoes were so aggressive and we were so poorly prepared that we didn’t stay to look around and explore. Instead, we turned tail and ran. Literally ran down the trail. It was supposed to take 2.5 hours and we did it in just over an hour.

View towards Vernon
The bugs were terrible. The wind did not stop them.


Some fore-shadowing along the trail…

As we carried on down the road, our truck warned us “transmission hot” which alarmed us but there was nothing to be done on the side of the highway. We pressed on.

Les REALLY wanted to stop for lunch at the Gold Panner’s Cafe in Cherryville. Sadly, we learned it is not open for the season yet (or ever?? it’s June!).

We got ferried across Arrow Lakes via the Lower Arrow Lakes Ferry. Free and efficient!


We arrived in Nakusp at around 5pm and enjoyed nachos and beer on the lakeside patio of the Leland Hotel. The Leland Hotel was built the year Nakusp became a townsite, in 1892 and is one of the oldest continuously operating hotels in BC.

The look of anticipation…

When we left with bellies full and spirits high, we found that Truckasaurus had a drip near the front right tire 😦 After consulting Google, we learned that we had a transmission fluid leak. Transmission fluid had been leaking with enough gusto that it had splattered the wheel well. Next, we learned that all the auto shops had closed and would not reopen until Monday morning. We drove 5 minutes down the road to Esso, stocked up on transmission fluid, and pulled into the municipal campground.

Not ideal.

The camp hosts were very friendly and helpful. They contacted the backyard mechanic that they use whenever anything needs fixing up. Joe came to look at the truck Sunday morning (on Father’s Day!) and determined that it was a pinhole leak in one of transmission cooler lines. Good news! First thing Monday morning, Joe ordered the parts; late Tuesday afternoon, the hoses arrived; Wednesday morning, Joe got the hoses replaced but a bolt was too corroded to be reused; Wednesday afternoon, the bolt arrived but it was the wrong size. Finally, on Thursday morning, Joe went to every automobile yard searching for the bolt to no avail. As he was talking to a buddy at Napa during a smoke break, his friend asked to take a look and low and behold, he had 2 brand new bolts in a drawer! Huzzah! Our truck is up and running and we are mobile again!

We had nothing but great weather in Nakusp. We met friendly people, watched baseball games, went swimming in the lake, walked around town, and checked out the various burger options (we tasted 3 in total – Nick’s is the best).



Canadian Pacific Snowplow/Caboose (1921/1977). The CPR’s Nakusp and Slocan Railway ran between 1894 and 1988.
The beach that was a 5 minute walk from our campsite.
Neat looking burger shack but the burgers were concession stand quality. Processed cheese???
We had lots of down time.


We even did a work out!


It was a refreshing lake.
Best burger in Nakusp: Nick’s
Patiently waiting for the part to come in.
Thunderstorm and baseball.
We spent a couple hours in the museum. It was great! Would recommend! I thought this was super neat. The next picture is the text description.


Fingers crossed that our truck has no more surprises! There’s never a good time for a truck to break down, but this was possibly the best set of circumstances.

Tomorrow we will hike up to the Saddle Mountain Lookout (weather permitting).

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